My friend Daniel Zongrone will be staying at Wheresville with us during Moogfest. Daniel played in the group Earthstar in the 70's & 80's. Earthstar signed to Sky Records in Germany where their critically acclaimed album "French Skyline" was produced by Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream. We hope to do some recording when not doing Moogfest.


Wheresville Studio is donating some instruments and music gear to Todd Rundgren's The Spirit of Harmony Foundation the end of June. If you have ANY type of old instrument you are not using or in need of slight repair let me know. I will work out away to get it to them in order to help young students to thrive in spite of cuts in school funding. PLease click on the Spirit of Harmony link above to learn more about this great cause.

After meeting with Frank this week, I am excited to announce I will be producing his new album over the next few months. Having produced his first album and doing many shows together this is like a family reunion. His music is always inspirational. Stay tuned. 

On another front, we are in discussions to produce the debut album for a killer NC rock band, hopefully news on that soon as well.



My long time friend & brother Terry Collins put together this amazing band for a live sold out show at The Bluebird Theater in Orangeburg SC. It was one of those magic nights when the music, crowd, band and vibes were all in alignment. I am so honored to have been a part of this. I have known Terry & Wes Hanna (Drummer) since they were touring with Medicine Hat and I was in Avant Garde with Chris Davis back in the early to mid 90's. They were always one of my favorite bands and had/have the most awesome original material as Terry is a "real deal" songwriter. The performance was stellar, the recording came out great and was mastered by the legendary Ty Tabor of Kings X at Alien Beans Studio. Check it out, it's mind blowing!



To purchase the CD send a check for $13.00 made out to Terry

Terry Collins 
664 Milhouse Road 
Olar, SC 29843

I'll post info for outlet and download addresses (iTunes, Amazon, etc) as they become available


Terry Collins & Friends performing "Toward The One" live at The Bluebird Theater in Orangeburg SC

David Stephens, Roger Padgett, Wes Hanna, Terry Collins, TJ Dildy, Cory Jarrett


In light of my recent health situation it is amazing the amount of caring and compassion shown by my brothers and fellow musician friends. Chris Davis, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of the Broke Locals was my bandmate and partner in crime during the "Avant Garde" days and put together this Inhale Love Concert with great success. The kindness of all the talented musicians is greatly appreciated and you have made a huge difference, Thanks SO MUCH!!!


And if that wasn't enough, my brother Terry Collins (formerly Moxie & Medicine Hat) put together this Benefit for a Brother Concert in Barnwell SC and raised more funds for medical bills, can never thank him enough! Thanks to everyone that participated, we love you guys!!

The International Deal album that was started in 2013 at Wheresville with Jens Trode, with tracks added in San Francisco, Canada & New York including drum tracking with Prairie Prince at Wheresville in 2014 has been released. Be sure and check this link to sample & purchase, includes Kasim Sulton on Bass & my song "Into the Rhythm" from my first album on ICR Records.

Prairie & Jens after a great session at Wheresville, getting ready for tequila & some mexican cuisine


Liam Callaway, former guitarist for England in 1819 is recording tracks for his upcoming solo album at Wheresville the weekend of Nov. 6. Great musician, always fun.


Mudlick has released their new CD that was recorded at Wheresville last year. It was mastered by Ty Tabor at Alien Beans Studio and sounds awesome.

Check it out here --->

Anna is coming in to finish off the vocal tracks on her new CD before moving to Charlotte this week. It has been cool working with her the past few years on her EP's - stay tuned for her CD release date -

Big weekend of post-production work with Terry Collins on his live album recorded last year during an amazing concert at the Bluebird theater. Always great to work with a kindred spirit. This band is AMAZING!! The finish line is in sight on this record. Stay tuned! We have had another session since this post and are schedule for the final mix the end of June!

American Idol competitor Greyson Turner was recently at Wheresville recording with his band "Grey Ally" when Scene on 7 stopped by for this interview.

We are excited to be mentoring SDS students again for the 5th year. It is always fun and keeps me on my toes with the fundamentals.

Brother Doyle's Album "The Hollar...and Beyond" is completed. Recorded over the past 3-4 years in a multitude of studios, the release party is set for Sept. 13 at Studio 21 (which is where the tracking started in 2011) many thanks to all the musicians that worked on this with me, there were many. Check out Doyle's page for more infor - 

Doyle's Wheresville Page

Long time vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Terry Collins (former lead singer for Moxie & Medicine Hat/currently Slowdown Faster) put together an amazing band and production to  a sold out show at the Bluebird Theater in Orangeburg SC on July 27th. A long time friend going back over 20 years to my Avant Garde days, Terry contacted me about the project and I jumped at the opportunity. He has always been one of my favorite singers and also a hell of a songwriter. On top of all that a excellent human being. We are scheduled to begin post production and mixing in October - stay tuned for this

SC Upstate band Mudlick started tracking the end of July at Wheresville. The album was mixed Sept. 11 and sounds great. These guys are the real deal. if you have a chance go check them out. You won't be able to sit still. Already talk about a possible live album with them in the future.

Grammy nominated drum legend Prairie Prince (The Tubes, Todd Rundgren, Jefferson Starship, XTC, Journey etc.) stopped by Wheresville after Todd Rundgren's concert at The Handlebar in Greenville SC on April 10th. The next morning he finished off the drums for the "International Deal" record. I met Prairie at the NAMM Show in LA back in January and discussed the first tracks we had recorded and sent to him in San Francisco. I told him he was more than welcome to stop by Wheresville and record the rest of the album if he was ever in the area (to avoid emailing tracks etc.). He said that would be great if the opportunity ever presented itself. It did and we did. It was an awesome experience.                                                                                                                                                    Here is a great interview with Prairie in Modern Drummer



It was our pleasure to conduct the Special Studies Introduction to Audio Production Class for the 5th consecutive year. WE honor and value our partnership with SDS in Special Studies and the Mentor/Intern program. Coach Robinette's band "The Campground Boys" performed on friday giving us a chance to try out "binaural" micing techniques.

2014 Spartanburg Day School Audio Production Special Studies Class

My good friend Bill Mullin scored some tickets to NAMM and VIP passes to the 2014 TEC (Technical Excellence Awards) where we were able to see Todd Rundgren get this years award (long overdue) and congratulate him personally at the VIP party, if it wasn't for Todd, I may have never seen the possibilities of an artist having his own studio back in the 70's. The rest of the days were filled with great seminars and workshops from some of the best producers, engineers and artists in the industry. A highlight was meeting Prairie Prince at the Paiste booth and discussing The International Deal Project (Prairie had just received the mixes we had recorded and was preparing to lay down drums at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco). CLICK HERE for more LA Photos

2014 off to a fast start with Anna V & Frank Walker starting production on new albums for 2014 -  sounding great!

Anna & Nora are our two interns from the Spartanburg Day School this year, Anna plays the violin while Nora sings and plays piano. They will learn and have fun while laying down tracks. Welcome!

Andrew & Dan stopped at Wheresville for a weekend for a midway break in their current "Fireball Electric Tomorrow" tour, playing a set on the Wheresville pool deck. A segment of the set was recorded "on my iphone" and can be heard via the podcast below-


Hubcity Empty Bowls was a great success again this year. Thanks to all the artists that pitched in this year = The Lovely Jodie, Frank Walker, Fayssoux Mclean and David Ezell, Rich Nelson and 176, Anna V, Mark Miller and Matthew Knights. Over $14,000 was raised for total ministries to help feed those in need. Thanks to Nancy Williamson, Jim Cullen and the Chapman Cultural Center for another great year and allowing Wheresville to produce the live music for the 5th straight year!

The Great Baton Rouge LA band "England in 1819" completed their 3rd album the week of August the 5th at Wheresville. We feel honored to be a part of this amazing project. Andrew and Dan are two of the best musicians we have ever worked with and feel everyone will be as amazed as we are at how good this record is. Check out their website for upcoming US Tour Dates as well as a new upcoming video of the song "Himmel" from the new album! We'll have links to where to get the album as soon as it is released, in the meantime visit their site to get previous records that are awesome as well.

Thanks go to Olav in Oslo Norway for adding me to the ProgArchives roster -

Thanks for everyone that voted to make Cerulean from Disassembly Required song of the month for June 2013 - It will be posted on the headliner at Studio B Reviews -

Cerulean from Disassembly Required Voted Song of the Month

Many thanks go out to everyone that took the time to vote for Cerulean from Disassembly Required for song of the month on StudioB Reviews. It paid off thanks to all of you!!
Thanks again and be sure to check out the rest of the album!! 


Many thanks go out to everyone that took the time to vote for Cerulean from Disassembly Required for song of the month on StudioB Reviews. It paid off thanks to all of you!!
Thanks again and be sure to check out the rest of the album!!

Cerulean from Disassembly Required Voted Song of the Month

We are excited to work in the studio in August with the amazing England in 1819. Check out their music and videos on their website or google them. If you have a chance to catch them live, do not hesitate. Great music & Great people, it doesn't get any better!! Stay tuned!!

I somehow managed to get this thing done between all the other things going on and in time to release it at the Music Mosaic Concert at Chapman Cultural Center on June 22nd. I'll play songs from the album along with 7 other talented artists so please come check it out. Click to the left on the sidebar to purchase tickets. blessings....

Recording England In 1819 at The Radio Room in Greenville SC May 1st 2013


Been too busy to update sessions news since Jens' visit in February. Spring 2013 has been slammed, Lucky Thorn Band from Asheville have been down twice and have recorded around 13 songs I believe. Production started back up full time on The Hollar 2 album with 10 basic tracks w/guitar completed with Mike Mills at Sundance Studio in Asheville. Have taken some of those tracks to Island Cove Studio in Brevard and Danny Mac has started recording some of the drums. Early May we had critically acclaimed Indie Recording artists England In 1819 stay the night at Wheresville between shows in Spartanburg & Greenville (in which we recorded both shows LIVE) and promise some great results. They liked the vibe here so much they are coming back on July 10th after they complete their current US tour (and rest a few weeks) - On top of all that I am holed up completing my latest solo record "Disassembly Required" for the CD release show at Chapman Cultural Center on June 22nd.

thanks for stopping by

check out this great video from England In 1819's song Waterfall 

Fox 21 News Segment - Interview with Mark Miller & Frank Walker from Mark Wheresville on Vimeo.

We will post the links to where you can buy this as soon as it is released, stay tuned!! An awesome project - think vocals similar to Tori Amos with 80's analog keyboards with hints of Nine Inch Nails.

Tracking is completed for an EP for Anna V. - Mixing next week

Setting up a Pro Tools Studio in Asheville at Doyle Shelton's home studio "Sundance Studio" to continue with production on The Hollar's 2nd studio record. Stay Tuned!!

Looking forward to another Special Studies week at Spartanburg Day School - 


NEW CIR Show Featuring Too Tall Tom, Guy Workman, The Hollar/Doyle Shelton & a cut from Mark's new album

"Disassembly Required" - for more info visit Wheresville Radio

Production on The Hollar 2 with Doyle & Blair resumed today at Studio 21 in Asheville.

We have started a project with Irish jazz pianist Frank Walker. Frank is an amazing talent and a super nice guy!!

I travelled to beautiful Brevard NC to my friend Danny McMahon's studio on Dec. 9th. Danny and Bill Stoneback added some percussion tracks to a song form "Disassembly Required"

We completed tracking and mixing of 9 songs with Craig White at Wishgrove's rehearsal space using the Wheresville Mobile recording rig. Craig flew down from Detroit and worked tirelessly with Wishgrove, arranging and recording an amazing amount of music in a short amount of time the week after thanksgiving. It is a children album that rocks and has interesting twist due in large part to Wishgrove's musicianship and vision. Below is a link to a slideshow with one of the songs from the session.                                               Craig White Session Slideshow

Wishgrove's Rich Nelson was back in the studio tonight tracking vocals and mixing one of their new songs "Mystery To Me"

Check them out at The Wishgrove Website ~


Mark is producing and performing (with other great artists) in the 2012 Empty Bowls Benefit at Indigo Hall downtown Spartanburg Jan. 26th. - Come and join in for a great cause!!



Four Spartanburg Day School students who attended our 2010 special studies class in audio production as well as recording bootcamp recently won "Spartanburg's Next Big Thing" check out the front page article in the Spartanburg Journal:

Playing The Wheresville Project

We recorded four of their original tunes as well as a Dave Matthews Bnad cover. They sounded awesome and were very well rehearsed. Keep an eye on these guys.

Wishgrove were in the studio today tracking vocals and mixing a song from the sessions we have recorded at their space over the last several months. Great band, great people, great sound.

We welcome Rebeka and Joseph to Wheresville as the SDS interns this school year. Rebeka is a singer/songwriter/keyboardplayer -Joseph is the guitar player for The Wheresville Project (see below) and has completed the SDS Special Studies production class as well as Wheresville Recording Bootcamp the summer of 2010.


Tracking has started on the new Hollar album. Mark is co-producing with Doyle. The 1st session of basic tracks started at Studio 21 near Asheville with Blair Jones engineering. The plan is to move the project to Wheresville for overdubs and mixing after basic tracks are completed. Wheresville Sound & Studio 21 are connecting their studios together via the internet to work as one studio (hopefully)



Midori Complex tracking at Wheresville Sound 

Charlotte Indie Radio Show # 7 featuring Wishgrove, The Golden Pyramids & Mark is completed, check it out at the spruced up Wheresville Radio podcast site before it is in rotation in Charlotte.: Photobucket Also stay tuned for Show #8 in production which will feature a cool interview with Wishgrove discussing their music and new album from their mountaintop rehearsal studio!  WISHGROVEWG1 WG3

Pre-production for the new Hollar/Doyle Shelton album is underway. This will be the 5th album project we have worked on together. We have recorded some skeletal/working tracks in Hendersonville with the mobile unit. Doylestudio Check out Doyle's past music done at Wheresville here:
This years special studies class at Spartanburg Day School was great! Awesome group of students as always! SDS2011

2011 Empty Bowls at Indigo Hall was a great success! Thanks to all the musicians that helped out on this!! Check out this new article on Empty Bowls




Bill Stoneback and Danny McMahon kick off the new year Photobucket
Photobucket Wheresville is organizing the music for HubCity Empty Bowls benefit again this year to benefit Mobile Meals; an organization that fights hunger everyday in our community. Jan. 20th from 11am -7pm at Indigo Hall downtown Spartanburg - music by David Ezelle, Sydney McMath, Mark Miller, Guy Workman, Viva Les Divas & Ford Phillips. Stop by, buy a bowl, eat some soup, listen to some music and help out a great cause!!
Charlotte Indie Radio Show #6 featuring music and interview with the Broke Locals is now complete. (Be sure to pause the Wheresville player at the top of the page) You can listen to it here or on Wheresville Radio until it is put into rotation. Be sure to check often with Charlotte Indie Radio and keep supporting original music from the Carolina's. CHARLOTTE INDIE RADIO SHOW #6
Considering we are doing everything in Protools these days we have decided to decommission our analog console along with our 16 track tape machines. They have found a home in another studio where they will continue to work their analog magic. The control room is currently being revamped along with the rest of the studio, stay tuned! FS2 FS3

Wheresville Sound Studio will be hosting a monthly mentoring program in audio production & engineering for the Spartanburg Day School for the 2010-2011 school year and will also teach another Audio Production special studies class in 2011 at the SDS campus. mentor 2010-2011 SDS interns Ford & Chaz

Wheresville recorded Charlotte NC's Maximum Groove LIVE on June 26th.

Click the link below to hear some of the students work: BootCamp1BOOTCAMP CoreyMix Bootcamp helps produce future assistant Wheresville engineer
We continue to work with Will of The Golden Pyramid at Wheresville. Continuing to build on tracks recorded in his home studio and from sessions recorded last year in Charleston SC. Photobucket WillC Will listening to playback of keyboard overdubs at Wheresville Sound Check out their site:
Thanks to Anton at Prog Rock Radio for keeping Chaos in rotation, cool seeing it cued up with Kansas, Rush & Peter Gabriel - Be sure to support the best progressive internet radio station out there & keep up the requests! progcue_resized
ICRDandrums_cropped Mark worked at Island Cove Recording this weekend with Danny McMahon tracking drums on Mark's new album Photobucket Mark at Island Cove Studio in Brevard NC

Mark will be a featured artist at MadeLoud again sometime in May 2010. Check out the Madeloud website. Photobucket
The Audio Production Class at Spartanburg Day School the week of March 1st was a complete success. 13 GREAT students! I believe they all had a good time and learned a good bit about production! Check the class website below: SDSClass Here's a chance for the Todd fans to hear all of ATOWM at just under 16 minutes for FREE on the MUSIC page - remember, a tribute to style & sound nothing more...... happy new year everyone! * will take a little longer to DL than your usual tune also get a FREE LISTEN of "Chaos in the Landing Zones" at VH1 Photobucket
Back from the holidays & editing Doyles "I Wouldn't Buy It" Pt. 2 CD - The Hollar - doyle sheltonQuantcast
Show #5 is completed check it out here:

Photobucket Submersive Audio interviewed Neil & Will of Los Angeles based "Stereo Reform" at Wheresville Studio on Dec. 9. The interview has some of their infectious tunes mixed in, check it out! Check out this great NEW video fron the guys in Stereo Reform:

Congratulations to buddies Glen & Jay for their "Bad Alchemy" album being nominated for BEST Debut Record by Prog Awards 2009. Check them out at: And hear them on my past Charlotte Indie Radio Shows:

Submersive Audio completed an interview with Will (lead singer & bassist) for The Golden Pyramids at Wheresville Fri. Nov. 13 - TGP are based out of Charleston and are getting ready for an east coast mini tour with quite a few dates in New York City. Mark & Will got together on Saturday at Wheresville and updated their website for the tour:
The Hubcity Empty Bowls Benefit Concert was a great success!! I would like to personally thank all the Musicians & Bands that participated and made it happen at both stages. I really appreciate everyone's hard work, as do all the people that will be fed from your efforts! UPDATE - We raised over $10K for the soup kitchen!!

We are recording The Lone Derangers on Nov. 4 ~
Some new Relativity material is in production at Wheresville ~
The critics got together and they started a game, you get your records for nothin' and you call each other names - I agree with some of his observations but he also said a few good things too -
Shows #2 and #3 are completed and features such artist as Bad Alchemy, Too Tall Tom Dimock, Danny McMahon & Wayne Owen and more. You can also catch the podcasts at Wheresville Radio: or at the Radio/Video link on this site
Doyle Shelton - "I Wouldn't Buy It" Part 2 - post production/editing/mixing Boys & Girls Club of the Upstate - - Tracking "Make Up Your Mind" - produced by Wesley Hill of the Fantastic Violinaires Charlotte Indie Radio - Producing Wheresville show #3 - featuring Bad Alchemy, Too Tall Tom Dimmock, Danny McMahon & Wayne Owens Wayne Henderson - Mixing Live recording Trilogy - acoustic rock/jazz Hey, Thats My Bike - Bellingham WA digital transfers/ archiving
We are engineering LIVE sound & recording world renowned guitarist Wayne Henderson and his band at The Tryon Arts & Craft Center in Tryon NC on Sept. 12 2009. Hickory Grove will open the show.
We are providing sound/engineering and entertainment for the Hub City Empty Bowls Project in Spartanburg SC on Oct 10th. This fundraiser will benefit the Second Presbyterian Soup Kitchen. Please go to the website below to get involved and to learn more.
Brought to you by:

We will be recording Chuck LIVE at MoDaddys in Asheville on Aug. 28th - try to stop by and make some noise! Photobucket Mark has been asked to perform Feb 2010 for a concert to benefit UN Refugee relocation in the US. Details and venue location TBA.

Chaos in the Landing Zones - in The Prog section

Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!
The radio show Mark produced & hosted as guest DJ is currently back in rotation at Charlotte Indie Radio. A NEW radio show is currently in production, stay tuned.
Mark will be one of 10 featured artist in the United States at MadeLoud's main website the week of April 13th. Please visit Mark's MadeLoud page to purchase tracks from the new album as well as rare songs from the 80's not available anywhere else, and the infamous "Sitaria EP" is there as well. We will also have extra FREE downloads that week too.
In My Absence tracks in rotation at IMRADIO CLICK ABOVE - SCHEDULE - then tune into SC, NC, GA, FL & CA or all location & progressive rock
The new Doyle Shelton CD "I Wouldn't Buy It - Vol. 1" is in the can. The first album project at Wheresville to be completed with the new Protools set-up. Track's will be uploaded soon at Doyle's website, you can also hear "The Hollar" which Doyle recorded at Wheresville in 1999-2000. CLICK BELOW: The Hollar - doyle sheltonQuantcast
We recorded audio of the Violinaires performance LIVE in Greenville SC on March 15th. This is THE Legendary Band from Detroit Michigan that Wilson Pickett was a member of in the 60's.
Mark still plans on having his CD done in April and also release the first Wheresville DVD around the same time - featuring videos from past wheresville projects, some of his songs and a few surprises.
The new CD will be delayed due to the recent death of our daughter Melissa. Thanks to everyone for the kind emails of support.
New space to listen to some Wheresville Productions
"Echoes of Oblivion" is currently being featured at Stumbleaudio as a special promotion for their new service - check it out for a free listen -
Mike over at Paradiddles Pro Drum Shop is bringing legendary drummer Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Jeff Beck, UK, Missing Persons) to a rare Southeastern US appearance - Go to Paraddiles website for ticket details - Here's a slideshow of the event:

Banner Maker - Banner Maker - Banners - MySpace Layouts Mark will begin a series of Audio engineering/production classes - go to the Products page for details

CHARLIE BARNES is the winner of the Alesis drawing- It was great to meet everyone at the EXPO! Wheresville will have a booth at the Spartanburg Music Expo Sept. 27- Our booth will be next to Paradiddles Pro Drum Shop - Wheresville & Paradiddles will be cross promoting at this event and in the future- Tons of used gear for sale - huge rack of outboard gear, mixers, keyboards, stands, guitars, basses & MORE!! check back for list at the bottom of the Project Studio page~
The New Doyle Shelton album began PreProduction at Wheresville Sat. Sept. 6
Chris & Mark began work on a Relativity song (Brun08) the weekend of June 1st - 08 - to listen go to:
END of Album PARTY at Wheresville The Dawn of Day album was completed on April 26th at 9:00 PM after a long 12 hr day with just Mark & Eli in the studio on the final mix. Congratulations guys & thanks for everyones willingness to work as a team on this project!! It was a blast! End of album party - May 10th
MP3 blowout sale!!! download "Chaos" or "Echoes" complete in the MP3 format directly from Best Buy or CD Baby for only $7.77 (go to STORE link) this is a special deal in conjunction with CD Baby's new direct download service. &
Mark just completed the 9 day recording production workshop in Nashville with world renowned producer/engineer Michael Wagener (Kings X, Metallica, Poison, Motley Crue, Dokken, Alice Cooper, Janet Jackson etc.) along with producers & engineers from around the world. While in Nashville Mark scored an Apple iMac Pro-Tools rig and received some training from some of the other generous engineers during the workshop's "off hours". The crew of attendees assisted Michael in the production & engineering of one song from top to bottom for Nashville based rock band "SOLVI" Thanks go out to Michael, Nat, Trent, Trevor(Rimskidog), John, JJ and the members of SOLVI: Brian, Aaron, Ryan & Sean - It was a blast guys!! Mix article on Michael: Check out this video from SOLVI: Solvi Goes To Ohio
The Weds. Jan 11, edition of the Inman Times has a front page feature article entitled "Welcome To Wheresville" complete with a color photo of the Jan. 5th recording session for the "Dawn of Day" CD: The article was written by staff writer Jay King. It may make it online or you can order from the Times website: now posted on the "PRESS" link:
The first session in the NEW Studio took place yesterday, Dec. 1st (tracking drums for Eli Jones CD) was a success! Thanks to Mike Leyshon (drums), Doyle Shelton (producer) & of course Eli for a great day (photos are posted on the photo page) There is also and updated slide show at the Wheresville Myspace page
Mark will be on the audio crew for upcoming Crew One Production events in Atlanta GA. The first event will be the Velvet Revolver, Alice in Chains & Sparta Concert at HiFi Buys Amphitheater on Oct. 3 Here's a clip of Alice in Chains from the FOH console - Atlanta Oct. 3 -2007
What an amazing show - The Grand Canyon didn't suck either. Congratulations to my brother Terry & wife Patti on their Vegas wedding. We had a GREAT time with you guys!!
Mark has been asked to produce & guest DJ a one hour show for Charlotte Indie Radio by the end of the year. Look for some Wheresville alumni & old friends. Stay tuned for details & air date
for some odd reason Japan is downloading an unusual amount of tracks from ECHOES OF OBLIVION
NOW on sale at CD Baby for $11.99 Mark's 2004 released "Echoes of Oblivion" NOW on sale for $9.99 at the New CD Baby/Wheresville page- also check out the NEW Friends of Wheresville page at CD Baby
Chances are your local record store is one of 2400 that use Super D as their "one stop" CD distributor, If so, they can have "Chaos in the Landing Zones or Echoes of Oblivion" FEDEXed (usually overnight)
Download ALL 17 songs from Echoes of Oblivion in the WMA format for only $7.77 at Payplay
The St. Patrick's Day show at the coast with the Broke Locals & Mark has been mixed in a temporary studio while the new Wheresville is being constructed -
Crafty Strands- Also download nearly 16 minutes of "A Treatise on White Magic" for only 99 cents below!
now available at Apple iTunes
"Seasons of Ice" from Echoes of Oblivion showcased as New Age pick
Thanks to all the great musicians and friends in the Charlotte area I have worked with over the past 12 years. Thanks for using me & the studio - We hope to have the new studio done by the end of the year. We will be at the foot of the mountains in the country near Inman SC - You guys know where to find me - see you down the road!!!
Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback for Chaos. The gig at the coast with Chris & the Broke Locals was a blast and some good recordings will be forthcoming. Wheresville Studio is packed and ready to move from the Charlotte area. We have had visits to the website from 48 different countries in 2006. Stay tuned! HMTMLLM!!!
"Chaos in the Landing Zones" and "Echoes of Oblivion" are in rotation on the internet's No. 1 Progressive Rock Radio station, - Thanks Anton for the support!!
Thanks for over 5000 downloads in 2006! Echoes is also now available for order in over 2400 CD stores - just ask your local record store if Super D is their "one stop distributor" -if so usually your copy will be FedExed overnight. Thanks to everyone for a great year!!
Echoes of Oblivion has been added by nearly 30 Major Download Companies Worldwide, including Turbo Music in Europe, Inertia Music in the Soviet Republic/Eastern Europe and MOOCS in Asia/Japan-downloads have tripled in the past 30 days. "Jerusalem" is currently a hot pick on Rhapsody Music - "Mythria - Acoustic Live" is a feature single on TradeBit Digital's New Age Showcase and "Kings X-Ray" is a single on TradeBit's Hard Rock showcase (go figure) - More details & news to come soon -watch for the Official Newsflyer via email-
Mark plays guitar on the new Danny McMahon & Friends CD "Will the Circle" on ICR Records - Go to the Links page & click Island Cove Recording to contact for purchase or email ICR Records - all proceeds go to the Building Fund at Danny's Mom's Church in Brevard NC.
Wheresville is mobilizing PA , recording & musical gear to Chris Ray’s new Hacienda in Mill Spring NC this weekend to facilitate 1) A more centralized location for Crystal Shortcut to rehearse a reunion concert planned for Smiley’s Spring Festival in Spruce Pine NC (April 07) 2) A centralized location to begin tracking the new Eli Jones CD. Plans are being made to record Broke Locals LIVE at the coast early 2007- The Eli Jones project is in "Pre-production" Mark will be co-producing this project with Doyle Shelton the Broke Locals from Savannah GA recorded "LIVE" in Wheresville Sound the weekend of Aug 11 & 12 - About 35 songs in all were completed, 15 of which background vocals were added. It was great to hang with Brother Chris & Gene again and also cool to work with the rest of the band. If you have a chance, Check these guys out, they hard!(but don't stand too close to the stage or you may become pregnant) Wheresville is Recording Charlotte's "Maximum Groove" LIVE - July 29 at Birkdale Commons in Huntersville NC - This FREE concert in the square is part of the Birkdale Summer Concert Series PLEASE - SIGN the guest book or the email list -

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