Drum Legend Prairie Prince Tracks at Wheresville

Grammy nominated drum legend Prairie Prince (The Tubes, Todd Rundgren, Jefferson Starship, XTC, Journey etc) stopped by Wheresville after Todd Rundgren's concert at The Handlebar in Greenville SC on April 10th. The next morning he finished off the drums for the "International Deal" record. I met Prairie at the NAMM Show in LA back in January and discussed the first tracks we had recorded and sent to him in San Francisco. I told him he was more than welcome to stop by Wheresville and record the rest of the album if he was ever in the area (to avoid emailing tracks etc.). He said that would be great if the opportunity ever presented itself. It did and we did. It was an awesome experience.                                                                                              Here is a great interview with Prairie in Modern Drummer

A Tequila toast to a successful session


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