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Audio Production Classes


 Guitar & Bass Lessons

Specializing in young beginners or any age.

Lessons here in the studio or anywhere in the world with our provided ZOOM page.

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Welcome to the lessons page. I had a completely different site for lessons but have shut it down and decided to move it to the Studio site in order to have a one stop maintenance area. I will be adding content  and resources as I go along so hang with me. 

I have been teaching guitar since I was in high school in the late 70's.

My first teacher at age 11 was Herb Howell who was the guitarist for Guy Lombardo's Orchestra. He taught me the value of the basics as a strong foundation and I continue that philosophy. Having a recording studio all of my adult life has exposed me to numerous great players of all styles from rock, jazz, country to classical. I have attended group lessons and seminars by Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple, Flying Colors) & John Petrucci {Dream Theater, LTE, G3}

I was a teacher of audio production at The Spartanburg Day School's special studies and mentoring programs for five years (2010-2015). So I have much experience working with young kids and teenagers to 18 years old. Please contact me about special deals for the gift of lessons for Christmas. I can steer you towards a great guitar or bass at an amazing price. It is MUCH less expensive to get started these days than it use to be.

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9 year old Ryan playing a G chord