1. jerusalem

From the recording jerusalem

all instruments - mark m


1 - jerusalem
jerusalem ancient oasis carved out in the deserts soul
jerusalem contrast of love and pain the world has never known
is she crying out alone
jerusalem in the name of god blood is on your childrens hands
jerusalem cycle of hatred I can never understand
when I try to wrap my head around it all
may as well just beat it up against the wailing wall
beneath the violence can't your people hear the call
have they forgotten the meaning of it all
jerusalem wise men in your synagogues learned mercy from the cost
jerusalem wise men say a prayer for peace while kneeling in your mosque
jerusalem christ knows there's room upon the hill to share the cross
in my lifetime I doubt that I will see
your so called holy men set your spirit free
the jewel of peace she holds but she will always hide
cause in the name of god the world's still choosing sides
and divides